3 Ways to Wear It: Bodysuit

3 Ways to Wear It: Bodysuit

Three Ways to Style a Bodysuit 

Bodysuits come in many different styles and can be used for almost any occasion, but sometimes it can be tricky finding the right outfit to pair a bodysuit with. Here are three easy looks to get some inspo from:

1. For a Sunny Day 

We get it, on those hot sunny days, shorts seem to be the only option. That doesn't mean you have to repeat the shorts and tee combo! Try mixing it up with a fun pair of animal print shorts and a simple bodysuit to balance out the look. 

2. For a Formal Look 

 Mix up your formal wear by putting away your dresses and trying a skirt and bodysuit look! Bodysuits are ideal to pair with skirts as there won't be any worry of fabric bunching up. 

3. For a Night Out 

Bodysuits are perfect when you want to create a sleek look for a night out in the city. Try out a pair of colored denim that will complement the color of your bodysuit.  

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