Packing Guide: What to Pack For Your Next Vacation

Packing Guide: What to Pack For Your Next Vacation

Vacation Packing Guide

Summer is here, which means vacations are in full swing. With vacations comes packing, and we all know packing is the most frustrating part of vacations. But don't worry, we came up with a simple and easy packing guide to help your planning go a little smoother. 

Tops- When it comes to tops, it's best to stick with basics. Try picking out items that would pair nicely with any bottom. But packing just basics doesn't mean they all have to look alike. Add variety to your vacay wardrobe by bringing tops that all have different cuts, lengths, or prints. 

Bottoms- We get it, wearing pants in a hot destination is not ideal, that's why shorts will come in handy. Try packing shorts that are different in color or style so that you won't be stuck wearing the same shorts everyday. Want a bottom that can be dressed up? We recommend bringing a light and flowy skirt so you can look cute while keeping cool. 

Shoes- Shoes can be a hassle to pack, so it's best to limit the number of shoes traveling with you. To get the most out of your shoes, take a pair for these different needs: formal, casual, and comfortable. For this, we chose heels, sandal espadrilles, and sneakers. 

Dresses- If you're looking for outfits that require little to no effort, dresses are the way to go. When packing dresses it's always a good idea to pack basics, but make sure to add in a pop of color or print in a dress for a night out. 

Swim Suits- Swimwear is very important to a tropical vacation, which is why it is easy to over pack this category of clothing. To save space, make sure to bring your favorite swimsuits that you feel comfortable in. Choose between different cuts of swimwear so that you can have a new look each time you head out to the water.

Accessories- Accessories can make all the difference in an outfit, but they are tricky to travel with. They can easily get tangled, lost, or ruined during a vacation. For this reason we have kept the accessories to just a few key and practical pieces. If you have the space, bring two bags, one for carrying the days activities and the other for carrying small personal belongings. Add in a watch and sunglasses to get the most functionality out of your accessories, and a simple piece of jewelry to complete a formal look. 

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