How To: Styling Scarves

How To: Styling Scarves

7 Ways To Style Your Favorite Scarf 

1. Tie it around your neck


Whether you're at a music festival and need to shield from all the dust, or you need something to complete your outfit, we love the way a tied scarf can finish off a look. For this look, start with the putting the ends of the scarf behind you, then wrap the scarf around your neck by crossing the ends and bringing them forward. Secure the scarf by tying the ends. 

2. Tie around your waist 

Add an unexpected detail by tying a scarf to your waist. For a cute and functional look, loop the scarf completely around your waist to make a belt. No need for a belt? Try looping your scarf through two belt loops, then tie the ends together to finish it off.  

3. Make a headband 

  Tying a scarf to make a hairband can be hard to get right, but it's the ideal pop of color when it is perfected. Here's how to tie scarves into headbands: first, start with the scarf at the nape of your neck, then bring the ends of the scarf towards the front of your head where you want your headband to be. Tie a knot in the center, then tuck the ends of your scarf into the headband so that they can't be seen. Adjust until the knot sits in the center of your head and the ends are no longer visible.

4. Tie around your purse 

We love the way a scarf can accentuate a handbag. Add a pop of color and detail to your purse by tying a scarf around the straps of your bag. 

 5. Tie into your ponytail

Tying a scarf into a ponytail is one of the easiest ways to add a scarf to your look. Pull your hair back into a ponytail then tie the scarf into a knot around your hair, or start by tying your scarf around your hair band, then pull your hair back into a ponytail, making sure the hair scarf is centered. 

 6. Tie around your hat 

 Mix and match your accessories by tying a scarf around your go-to hat. We suggest laying your scarf out, then folding the scarf in from corner to corner to get a thin band that can tie around your hat. 

7. Tie into a bun

 Upgrade your messy bun by tying a scarf around it. This style is great for second or third-day hair. Start with your hair in a bun, then wrap your scarf around your bun, tying the ends and tucking them into the scarf. 

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